The Dailies

Nelder Grove 02

These last few years leave me no choice: I must ask God for daily strength. I remember listening to an old Focus on the Family radio broadcast where James Dobson had talked to a high school girl. She was struggling with her repetitive, non-eventful, painful routine of life. She told him, “Life is so . . . so . . . so . . . DAILY!

Well, she had learned at an early age that those 24 hours we’re given are a constant this side of eternity. The sun rises and sets with absolute precision. The moon goes through its perpetual phases, occasionally punctuated with an eclipse. When you’re a kid the days seem so long, the years trudge by, and life changes are barely discernible. And then you grow up, get older and try to slow things down as the days and years start whizzing by.

As I said, these last few years have been flying by. That’s a plus when old age takes a toll on your body and your strength level falls by 25% or more. Just getting through a full (and overtime) work day isn’t as easy as it used to be. Project hours around the house are fewer on Saturdays as you’re trying to rest more. Sundays have always been a no or little work day, thankfully.

The Psalmist knew something of this as told us in Psalm 71:9 “Do not cast me off in the time of old age; do not forsake me when my strength fails.” 

Lord, as you give daily bread, you give daily strength – can I not thank you each morning for this prayer answered? Indeed.


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